1.000 Facebook fans!!!

1000 Facebook Fans

Hey everyone! Today is the day we passed 1000 fans on our international Facebook page.

From myself and all of us at Giga-International, thank you all for your support over the past few years.
Thank you to all of our lovely fans for your comments and messages, we love to hear from you soon.
Thank you to everyone who shared our posts in social media or otherwise.

Now if each of our followers can just send me € 1,- I’ll be rich :-)!

Seriously though, it would be amazing to grow by 10x by next year. So please help us out by sharing our posts you like on Giga-International to help spread the word.

I really feel like Giga-International has the greatest fans and hope you guys will continue with us.

Stay tuned!

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Show your appreciation!

Today is „System Administrator Appreciation Day“ – for already the 13th time we celebrate the annual System Administrator Appreciation Day.

But what does it mean?
On this special international day, give your system administrators something that shows that you truly appreciate their hard work and dedication.
All IT users are invited to express their thanks to his or her system administrator, no matter how.
Bring him/her a coffee, flowers or something to pimp his computer – or just say “thank you”:-).

At this point I want to say thank you of course to our admins who keep our systems as reliable and available as those running within the data center!
You are great! And that’s the reason why all employees of Giga-International are going out for lunch together – of course on company expenses.


--------------------- The same text in german / Der gleiche Text auf deutsch -------------------

Heute, am 27.7. 2012, wird bereits zum dreizehnten Mal der “System Administrator Appreciation Day“ gefeiert.

Aber worum handelt es sich dabei genau?
An diesem internationalen Gedenktag geht es darum, deinem System Administrator deines Vertrauens Anerkennung in Bezug auf seine tägliche harte Arbeit und Engagement zu zeigen.
Alle IT-User sind heute dazu eingeladen, ihrem Dank gegenüber dem System Administrator Ausdruck zu verleihen, egal auf welche Art und Weise. Bring ihm/ihr einen Kaffee, Blumen oder etwas, womit er seinen Computer aufpimpen kann; oder sag einfach nur Dankeschön. Eurer Kreativität sind keine Grenzen gesetzt.

An dieser Stelle möchte ich auch unseren System-Administratoren Danke sagen: Herzlichen Dank – ihr seid großartig! Und als Dankeschön, um euch gebührend zu feiern, gehen wir heute alle gemeinsam zum Italiener Mittagessen – natürlich auf Firmenkosten :-).