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Our third 10Gbit/s upstream (Level 3) is online

Just a short confirmation: In December 2011 we said that we are going to expand our upstreams with an additional, high-quality carrier: Level 3.

This has been completed in March 2012. Thus, since the 1st of April we've been online with 3 x 10 Gbit/s including Level 3, Telia Sonera International Carrier and M-Net.

All of our customers get the best routes available within the networks of those three carriers automatically.

Indeed: All the servers of our customers have a really nice routing worldwide 🙂


Update: Fiber cable (colt) mounted

I already wrote about our new 10 Gbit/s fiber connection via Colt to Telia Sonera which is going to be available at the 1st of July in our datacenter. Today some technicians instructed by Colt appeared and - after having passed our safety steps before entering the datacenter area - mounted the Colt fiber cable through the building into the Core Rack of our datacenter, next to our Cisco Routing equipment.  I have made a photo of the new fiber patchpanel to illustrate this:

Now the physical connection has been completed and the red (or is it orange?) cable is waiting to be connected to our router. There are only a few steps left until this will be completed, too.  Afterwards, Giga-Hosting and Giga-International will be completely "multi-homed" by different fiber cables led from different directions into the building. This is a great benefit for our customers and although we never had network problems since we moved into our new datacenter one year ago our network will be even more secure and even more stable afterwards.


Additional Upstream: 10 Gbit/s Telia

In addition to the already existing, extremely reliable connection via M-Net (10 Gbit/s) there will be yet another 10 Gbit/s connection in our datacenter available from July the 1st on. The additional glass fiber connection will be provided by Colt and is completely seperated from our primary upstream. Colt themselves are located within the building via two access gateways. Such will guarantee a 100% internet connection redundancy of our datacenter. In the most unlikely event that a fibercable is going to be damaged by a excarvator or somehow else, our clients would not even notice any constraints. The second glassfiber connection would be taking over, as in such case our high end CISCO-equipment would route the traffic automatically and without interruptions of service.

To get started, we will have Telia Sonera - a carrier widely known for his quality - serving as our second upstream. Being a TIER1-carrier, Telia Sonera itself features a peering capacity to other providers exceeding 1.700 Gbit/s. 90% of all european broadbandnetworks are connected to the Telia AS. You'll find more details and a map showing the Telia backbone here.

For our customers that means - besides the formerly mentioned redundancy - that they benefit from an even broader internet bandwidth, a remarkably improved worldwide routing by using parallel upstreams and last but definitely not least, a much better price in regards to traffic.
Further, we will offer more upstreams and peerings in the near future.