When data center cabling becomes art

Technicians also can be creative 🙂









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Giga-Hosting – a company in the grip of football fever

As a Bavarian you are almost required to be a football fan or to watch regularly all the games of the FC Bayern.
Now that the German national team is consisting mostly of football players of Bayern Munich
everyone at Giga-Hosting goes crazy – everyone is in the grip of the football fever.

But not only Giga-Hosting supports our national players – our canteen is also prepared for further successful games of Germany.

Convince yourself!
canteen Giga-Hosting










canteen Giga-Hosting


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“No Nightmares anymore…..

…thank you very very much! You are an amazing company! No trouble everything always simply works.”

This is just a short extract of an e-mail of a contented customer.

Every time when we receive a review like that in a hosting forum or via e-mail we are very pleased about that – because this is a confirmation of our work and efforts.
Whether here in the blog, on facebook, in hosting forums or through our support hotline: A lot of customers use the opportunity through these channels to give us feedback and reviews on our products and services. And that feedback is very important for us to improve our quality.

We listen to you, analyse and develop new strategies to implement your improvement suggestions. Learning from mistakes and talking openly about enhancement possibilities is essential for us and our company.

Another review that we received a few weeks ago confirmed our belief in our company philosophy that we pursue since the beginning of Giga-International: Being an inexpensive hosting provider with excellent support.
Jens O. about Giga-International on webhostlist.de: “Despite Giga-International is by far the most affordable hosting provider, everything went well. I ordered Saturday night and Sunday morning the server was already available.“ In our opinion the providing of cheap and affordable products does not exclude good service and support.

“The customer is king - outstanding service indispensable” – according to this motto everyone at Giga International is continuously working on.

So do not hesitate to send us your experiences or feedback whether for our services or products –we are looking forward to it whether it is praise or criticism. Of course you are welcome to recommend us on special hosting forums like WebHostingTalk or webhostlist.de.

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100% Empfehlenswert…

„Dieser Hoster ist das Paradebeispiel dafür, dass es doch noch Unternehmen gibt, bei denen der Service stimmt. Ich hatte nur Individuelle Wünsche und es wurde auf jeden Wunsch eingegangen. (…) Hier gilt wenn man fragt: "Ist das möglich --> Für Sie machen wir es möglich!

Und das ist nur ein kurzer Auszug aus einer Bewertung eines unserer zufriedenen Kunden auf webhostlist.de.

Über jedes einzelne Feedback, das wir per Mail erhalten oder in einem der zahlreichen Hostingforen lesen, freuen wir uns, denn jeder zufriedene Kunde bedeutet eine Bestätigung unserer Arbeit. Immer mehr Kunden nutzen die Möglichkeit ihren Gefühlen auf unserem Blog, auf Facebook, in Hosting Portalen oder bei unserem Support Team Ausdruck zu verleihen.

Und dieses Feedback nehmen wir uns  wirklich sehr zu Herzen, denn wir analysieren und entwickeln neue Strategien um genau eure gewünschten Verbesserungsvorschläge zu realisieren, vorausgesetzt sie sind konstruktiv und realisierbar. Jede einzelne Kritik ist wichtig für uns als Hosting-Anbieter.

Vor einigen Wochen haben wir auf webhostlist.de eine Bewertung über uns entdeckt, die uns vor allem in unserer langjährigen Firmenphilosophie „Günstig schließt guten Service nicht aus!“ sehr bestätigt hat.
Jens O. schreibt: „Trotz dem Giga-Hosting bei weitem der günstigste Hoster war, lief alles gut ab. Samstag Nacht geordert, Sonntag früh war der Server verfügbar. Nachdem ich merkte, dass ich versehentlich die falsche Ubuntu Version bestellt hatte, wurde dies unkompliziert und vor allem kostenlos korrigiert.“ (Quelle: http://bit.ly/My2LhJ)

„Der Kunde ist König – hervorragender Service ist unverzichtbar“ – das ist unser Motto, nachdem wir tag täglich arbeiten und uns immer wieder vor Augen halten.

Also schickt uns gerne weiterhin eure Erfahrungen zu unseren Produkten oder euer Feedback zu unserem Support. Wir freuen uns darauf, egal ob es Lob oder Kritik ist.
Ihr seid natürlich auch herzlich dazu eingeladen uns in den Hosting Portalen wie WebHostingTalk oder webhostlist.de weiter zu empfehlen, wenn euch danach ist :-)!

Mehr über uns und über die Meinungen anderer zu Giga-Hosting könnt ihr auf webhostlist.de (http://www.webhostlist.de/provider/4508-GigaHosting//meinungen/) nachlesen.

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Secure Password Selection

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about a very important matter regarding your dealing with/in the world wide web.

The importance of picking a good, secure password can't be emphasized enough.
Your password is the way the computer verifies that someone logging in is really you, so pick something that cannot be guessed by others. The top reasons people gain unauthorized accesses to a password protected system is: They guessed someone's password. (often because they found it on a piece of paper next to the victim's computer or because they saw the person type the password in, but also because they use software programs that are VERY good at guessing common passwords.)

What happens to people who choose weak passwords
If someone else obtains your passwords, they may start to use your account to see your private data, including email, your bank accounts etc. They could start to alter or destroy your files or they could take over your computer; and they might even perform illegal activities in your name -- in such cases, it is difficult to find out who the culprit is and you might get under suspicion.

The basics
The following guidelines will guard against someone finding out your password and using your account illegally:
1. Make your password as long as possible. The longer it is, the more difficult it will be to attack the password with a brute-force search. Always use at least 6 characters in your password, at least two of which are numeric.
2. Use as many different characters as possible when forming your password. Use numbers, punctuation characters and, when possible, mixed upper and lower-case letters.
3. Do not use personal information in your password that someone else is likely to be able to figure out. Obviously, things like your name, phone number, and address are to be avoided. Even names of acquaintances and the like should not be used.
4. Do not use words, geographical names, or biographical names that are listed in standard dictionaries. Your password might be hacked by a so called “dictionary attack”*.
5. Never use a password that is the same as your account number.
6. Do not use passwords that are easy to spot while you're typing them in. Passwords like 12345, qwerty (i.e., all keys right next to each other), or nnnnnn should be avoided.

So be aware of these points and choose either on your own a secure password or use a password generator that you easily find in google by the keyword “password generator”.

This is how a secure password might look like:

*Dictionary attack:
Wikipedia defines: A dictionary attack uses a targeted technique of successively trying all the words in an exhaustive list called a dictionary (from a pre-arranged list of values). In contrast with a brute force attack, where a large proportion key space is searched systematically, a dictionary attack tries only those possibilities which are most likely to succeed, typically derived from a list of words for example a dictionary (hence the phrase dictionary attack) or a bible etc. Generally, dictionary attacks succeed because many people have a tendency to choose passwords which are short (7 characters or fewer), single words found in dictionaries or simple, easily predicted variations on words, such as appending a digit. However these are easy to defeat. Adding a single random character in the middle can make dictionary attacks untenable.

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