6-Core Server with 24 GB RAM now only 149 EUR / month!

We have cut the monthly fee for our best server "Dedicated Server 6-Core" from 199 € / month to only 149 € / month. Our flagship server comes with a Intel 6-Core processor, with 24 GB RAM, with a 80 GB Intel SSD and an additional 2 TB HDD.

>> Get it now! <<

Furthermore, we have removed the setup fee for installing a Software-RAID 1. Thus, you're able to order your server with harddisk mirroring done by a Software-RAID without paying additional fees for it from now on.


100 Mbit/s 24/7 – now only 199 EUR!

For many of our server customers it's very important to get an internet bandwidth for their server which is guaranteed 24/7 during day and night and, moreover, which is allowed to be used by their server without running the risk of being suspended or throttled.

So what we did with immediate effect is that we halved the monthly price for our server upgrade "100 Mbit/s dedicated bandwidth - 24/7 guaranteed" which is available for every dedicated server during the order process. Up to now such an exclusive bandwidth guarantee only has been available for 399 EUR per month. Now our customers get this benefit for amazing 199 EUR per month!

Of course, we also cut the prices for our dedicated bandwidth usable with our housing solutions accordingly.

With this enormous price reduction we would like to invite our customers to something most other providers are afraid of: Please don't hesitate to use our quality upstreams and do use as much traffic as you want! It is our goal to support your growth, and not to put a stoke in your wheel.


Number of the month: 1000

Until now we have never presented a "number of the month" in our blog, but I think February is a good month to start with it. This "number of the month" gives us the chance to reveal some more details about our company and our products by using hard facts instead of just telling anything. And, in my opinion, there do exist some really interesting facts which can be presented by using numbers in a very nice way.

Indeed, there are even two reasons why the number of the month February is 1000. At first, I chose this number because there are more than 1000 dedicated server systems up and running in our datacenter so far. Actually, we crossed this line around half a year ago and we're already heading towards the line of 1500 servers. But as there hasn't been a "number of the month" special yet, I didn't want to miss the event of having crossed the number of 1000 servers. =)

Moreover, and this is much more news-worthy, we just achieved the milestone of maintaining more than 1000 v-servers for our customers. It was in the middle of May when we started to offer our new v-server products, thus only a little bit more than 8 months have passed since then. This means that, in average, we have created (and kept) more than 4 new virtual servers for our customers per day since we've been starting to offer them. This number seems quite remarkable to us considering the fact that we hardly do no advertising for our products.
Right now, there are days when we install dozens of new v-servers for our new and existing customers. The number of new server installations increases pretty fast.
Thanks to all of our customers for your loyalty and your confidence in our products! We're definetly going on with our hard work to provide the best products and service for you possible!

And as there are so many new customers day by day, please let me finally announce something for our german blog visitors:
If you're interested in the webhosting business and you think it might be a good idea to join a fast-growing hosting company with a nice team and excellent future prospects in the beautiful city of Munich (where the Oktoberfest is used to take place every year, just to mention one aspect... 😉 ) don't hesitate to contact me! We're looking for new team members on all positions, such as customer support, technical assistance, administration, sales, etc. etc.

Have a really nice week! Your server at Giga-Hosting definetly does =)

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Debian 6 (Squeeze) released

One day after the official release of Debian 6 we are proud to offer this to our customer as well.

New customers can order it as operating system on our website, existing customers by contacting our support or using the ASI upgrade if they have ordered this.

For me the most important changes are:
Kernel 2.6.32
PHP 5.3
MySQL 5.1
Xen 4

More information can be found on the Debian website:

Best regards,


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